An office at Saisons Zéro

Call for applications

As part of our temporary occupation, you can now apply to rent one of new workspaces and join our community.
This call for applications is open to people and structures (non-profits, companies, artists, craftmakers) with an interest in our project who would like to share the experience of an alternative and frugal lifestyle in an unusual setting that is constantly evolving.

To apply, please:

  • Download and read the application file (French only)
  • Send us an explanatory note ("note d'intention", cf. section "documents à fournir" in the call for applications)
  • Fill and send this


  • A private workspace accessible seven days a week between 7 am and 9 pm
  • Access to the Wi-Fi network
  • A shared conference room
  • A shared kitchen
  • Access to the cloistered garden
  • Access to the in-house server
  • Access to booking hostel rooms on site
  • Access to our private workshop (subject to conditions)
  • Option to hire some of the most iconic rooms of the monastery

They have an office here

  • offices 4 & 5, Espace Croisé, contemporary arts center

  • office 6, Le Collectif des Possibles, a collective acting against fuel poverty

  • office 11, candle maker and coach for personal and professional development

  • office 12, Julie Gaubert, plastic artist

  • office 16, Clotilde Segard, artist

  • office 16, Julie Herry, artist

  • office 19, Association des Amis du monastère des Clarisses, a non-profit organisation focusing on the protection and memory of the building

  • office 20, Anne Fourdrignier, expert on working methods in public administrations

  • office 21, Contrepoing, non-profit organisation teaching self-defense against various forms of violence and promoting empowerment of minorities

  • office 22, Qalam of Henna, activities centered on henna and Middle Eastern cultures

  • office 23, Le Cabas du Sourire, non-profit organisation gathering and redistributing unsold groceries from the local marketplace

  • office 25, The City of Roubaix, Circular economy and zero-waste policy

  • office 27, Caroline Delbar, professional and life coaching services

  • First floor of the Hall, Paul Ralu et Wilfried Dsainbayonne, artists

  • resident, Mercedes Klausner, visual artist and architect